Self Pay and Sliding Scale

The below chart outlines my fees and sliding scale by income and type of visit. These fees do not include pap tests or lab tests, see below the chart for information on these.

An annual exam is an hour long appointment focused on preventive care and contraception as needed. Continuation of medication(s) for stable conditions, as relevant to women’s healthcare, is included.

A problem visit is an hour long appointment focused on a woman’s health problem: Midlife hormone issues, Menstrual cycle problems and such. History and physical as indicted as well as ordering of appropriate tests/imaging are included.

On the chart below “New” are women I have never seen, or not seen in over 3 years. “Estab.” are women I have seen within the last 3 years–thus established patients.

Blood drawing for labs can be done at your visit, but are charged separately.

A minor problem is one issue only—for example a visit for a urinary tract infection OR a vaginal infection.

WomanCare self pay Fee schedule for cash or check payments. This sliding scale applies to women with total household assets below $150,000 and total incomes within the specific guidelines.

 Payment is due at time of visit.

Your household income is all sources-earned/trusts/inherited from all income-sharing members of the household. Unique situations can be determined separately.
Proof of income is your word. Trust is everything.

Credit card payments add 4% to total.

I do bill insurance; please see the insurance page for details.

Household income
New  annual exam Estab.  annual exam New  problem visit Estab. problem visit

New   minor problem

Estab. minor problem
$190 $160 $225 $170 $130 $90
to $80k
$170 $140 $180 $150 $110 $80
to $50k
$140 $120 $140 $140 $90 $70
Under $50k $120 $100 $120 $120 $80 $60

Pap testing is $35—for a normal pap result. I send paps to Charlottesville Pathology at Martha Jefferson Hospital. If the pathology lab finds any abnormalities they will assess an additional fee of $35, which you are responsible for. This is due to a pathologist reviewing the pap if there is a questionable result per the cytotechnologist.

This can occur and the results can be abnormal or normal—determined by the pathologist who reviews it and thus charges for it.

HPV testing (high risk strains of human papilloma virus): $40

Chlamydia/Gonorrhea screening: $80

Urine culture $10.

Blood tests vary by type. Please inquire for specifics.

Please note that the local Health Department provides free/sliding scale Family Planning and Pap and STI screening. For low income women this can include free care, birth control pills/ IUDs..

The Charlottesville Free Clinic provides free care for the working uninsured.