Birth Counseling

Are you fearful, anxious about an upcoming birth?

Do you have unresolved feelings about a previous birth?

Birth is a peak life event. It has power and challenges. Our society is not wonderful in its support of woman empowered birth. It forgets that the mom holds the baby. Her engagement, comfort, presence and power are at the center of every birth. Her well being supports the well being of the baby in a deep way.

Helping women find their path through birth requires the mom to have an open mind, flexibility and honesty with herself.

It is not easy for mom to remain open minded when the intensity of labor occurs. Accepting of whatever your labor brings, being flexible to try different approaches to working with your labor and to be honest and dig deep when you hit a wall–to understand what might be blocking you and work through it. This is the individual path through labor.

Who can benefit from this work?


I offer focused exploration and counseling to support an upcoming birth or process a past birth.

If, when you think about your upcoming birth, you feel a flush of anxiety and fear–then clearly there is work to do. Exploring your past, particularly past trauma–whether prior birth, your own birth or life traumasĀ  can lead to more openness at the time of birth.

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife and a practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry, the trauma informed work of Gabor Mate.

I attended births for 20 year, caring for over a thousand women. Over this time, it became very clear to me that the fears, worry and traumas of our lives can have a deep impact on how we birth. Often these concerns, if not resolved, results in difficult labors.

To schedule an appointment

Please email to inquire about appointments: All sessions are 50 minutes in length they can be in person at my office or on line via Zoom. Please note insurance does not cover this care.


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