I’ve never had a medical professional spend so much time with me, make connections that were never made before, and be so thorough.

Mary Pontillo

I found Claudia from an online search for a GYN provider who was holistic, comprehensive, willing to look at alternative approaches, and female. I came across her website and felt she was exactly what I was looking for, so I made an appointment right away. It was definitely a good decision. In fact, my first appointment with her was probably the best experience I’ve ever had with a medical professional! It was at least an hour long, she spent much time just talking with me and really listening, the exam was respectful in every way, and the information and advice she gave were thoughtful, informed, caring and conveyed that she understood me as a whole person. Claudia also made a referral to another health professional who has been a godsend for me as well. I give Claudia the highest recommendation and thank her immensely.

Nancy Watts

A couple of years ago, I did an internet search for a holistic gynecologist, and discovered Claudia’s website. After reading about her and talking with her on the phone, I knew I’d found the female healthcare provider I’d desired for years. At her home-based clinic (Yes, she practices in her home!), Claudia is the only person with whom you interact. There are no receptionists or other personnel. She focuses on the whole person, wanting to know what’s going on in your life and how that may be affecting your health. There’s no rushing through an appointment, and Claudia’s serene demeanor puts you at ease from the beginning. I so appreciate how much research she puts into educating her patients, keeping us informed on both conventional and alternative healing modalities. I live in Virginia Beach-3 hours away from her- but having her as my practitioner is worth the drive and the price of gas!

Amy Walton

Claudia delivered my youngest child (now 18) and has been providing my care ever since. I cannot recommend her more highly. She is thoughtful, compassionate, patient, kind and most importantly insightful. Every visit with her is a relaxed and comprehensive experience. She practices WHOLE-istic medicine, taking into account not only what she sees, but also what she hears and intuits. I trust her completely.

—Diane Wildman Farineau

Claudia was by my side for the birth of my first two children and continues to provide care, guidance, and thoughtful answers to my questions. I am grateful to have found a health care provider that takes the time to get to know her patients.

Christi Gibboney Dojack