Sexual Abuse/Assault

If you have been a recent victim of a sexual assault, in Charlottesville, and you want to report the crime to the police. You need to go to the University of Virginia Medical Center Emergency Department. DO NOT change your clothes or shower before you go. They have specially trained Nurse Practitioners to help you through this difficult experience.

If you do not wish to have the possibility of prosecuting your attacker, and don’t need general emergency medical care, then I certainly can see you and help your find your way through this. I can not collect forensic evidence, for court, but I can care for you.

If it is already past that time, you can still report the crime to the police, but the lack of physical evidence makes prosecution more challenging—but not impossible.

If your assault has been in the past, but you are still being challenged by it you can find help through SARA–the Sexual Assault resource agency. They have support groups, up to date referrals to local therapists and a 24 hour confidential hotline: 434-977-7273.

Sexual Assault Resource Agency

If you are in an unsafe relationship and need help, SHE– Shelter for Help in Emergency can be there for you.

Shelter for Help in Emergency
Provides short term safe housing in Charlottesville for women and their children fleeing an abusive partner. They also have a very informative and helpful website.

Local Practitioners

Kyung Lee L. AC.
Anne Smucker L. AC
Xiong Chang L.AC
Sallie Smithwick L. AC.
Michael Jabolee L.AC.

Heidi Berthoud Massage Therapist
Sandra Cushman-Alexander teacher
Alice Harrington Egoscue practitioner

Louise Goodling Equine Partnering

Mental Health Therapists-who take insurance

Mark Farrington 434-760-3210

Alexandra Kedrock 757-831-3874

Barbara Maille 434-295-7711

Tonya Ridings 434-465-1561

Mimi Steele 434-466-6589

Jessie Luckett   


Barbara Suever

Transgender General health resources in Cville

UVA has 2 clinics devoted to this care.


Teens and youth:

Websites That May Be of Interest

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Andre Weil.
A leader in Integrative health with an informative website

The Linus Pauling Institute
An excellent site from Oregon State University

Herbal resources. American Herbalist Guild,The Medicine Woman’s Roots,, Herb Pharm,

Our local herb shop:The Elderberry

Medicinal Mushroom resources: Mushroom Harvest, Hawks Meadow Farm

Herbal treatment for urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Some urinary tract infections can spread rapidly to the kidneys. When they do you generally will have some or all of these symptoms: pain in your back below your ribs, fever, blood in your urine and nausea/vomiting. Some women tend to be prone to rapidly advancing infection. If you have ever had a kidney infection or have any of the above symptoms you should seek prompt medical care.

Other women can get milder UTIs. Nuna Med is an interesting product that is an herbal tea found to be effective in bring the body back to health. It is available on-line and locally at Top Notch and Parkway Pharmacies–follow the instructions on the box. Taken with D-Mannos 1000 mg twice daily will support it’s effectiveness.

National Institutes of Health: The Office of Dietary Supplements supports research and disseminates research results in the area of dietary supplements.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). NCCAM, as part of the NIH, maintains a free website that provides health information, research, clinical trials, training opportunities and information about complementary and alternative therapies. You can subscribe on-line for a free “CAM at the NIH” quarterly newsletter.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Frequently updated scientifically based information on natural medicines.

Mental Health Recovery
The Icarus Project
Beyond Meds

Enviroment/Food Issues

Natural Resources Defense Council

Environmental Working Group

A wealth of important information from Michael Pollan

Transgender Information/support

National Center for Transgender Equality

Women’s Health

Local sliding scale mental healthcare for women:The Woman’s Initiative

Extensive educational site focused on young women’s health:Center for Young Women’s Health

Informational and product based site focusing on issues related to sex in midlife and after breast cancer:Middlesex MD

Dr. Susan Love: Breast cancer and menopause issues