Payment: Insurance is accepted for payment IF you bring your card, or an image of your card (front and back). Please be aware that my accepting your insurance is no guarantee that your insurance will pay for the care you receive. Generally it pays for preventative care (sometimes you will have a co payment for this). For other care you may have a deductible to meet before they cover services, please contact your insurer if you have questions about this.

If you do not have your insurance card, please expect to pay for your care.  I may be able to file your insurance at a later time, if you provide your card, and will reimburse you when I am paid by them.

Co-payments are due at the time of care by cash, check or major credit card.

Self Pay: If you are uninsured, I do offer a sliding scale, and can work out a payment plan if necessary. Please contact me for specific details of this. I accept cash, check or major credit card for payment. I would also encourage you to visit healthcare.gov and explore your insurance options there.

Cancellations: I reserve one hour appointments for most of your visits, please be respectful and allow me adequate time to offer your appointment time to another woman should you need to change your appointment. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment please call or email as soon as you can or at a minimum 48 business hours before your scheduled appointment. That would mean Thursday for a Monday appointment. Appointments cancelled after that time frame may incur a $30 late cancellation fee. I appreciate that unforeseen and uncontrollable events occur and there is flexibility in this policy for emergency events.

If you do not call to reschedule or cancel, and do not come to your scheduled appointment, there is a $50 charge. If this happens with your first appointment, you may not be offered an opportunity to reschedule.