I am accepting a limited number of counseling clients.

General counseling focuses on you and how you are being in life–family, relationship, spirituality, personal growth and work. I have been trained in Compassionate Inquiry, the trauma informed approach to therapy developed from the work of Gabor Mate.

Compassionate Inquiry is a somatic (body) focused psychotherapy which allows for emotions to be expressed which have been suppressed. The therapy allows the you to recognize the limiting beliefs that you have internalized since childhood.  These beliefs can be transformed through awareness and connection to the practitioner, yourself, and the present moment. This experience creates the possibility to discover and move into new ways of being, new possibilities.

If you are feeling discontent with your life, and are not clear on what shifting you need to do to bring yourself balance and joyfulness, counseling can help you see your way forward.

I can help you to see your issues and working together, I help you understand how you can move forward into better balance, a lighter heart and greater joyfulness in life.

How to schedule appointment

To schedule please email me by using the contact me page on this website. I generally respond to emails Monday-Thusday 8-5.

All sessions are 50 minutes in length they can be in person at my office or on line via Zoom. Please note, insurance does not cover this care.


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