Holistic Health

Integrative Medicine/Holistic Health

My philosophy of care is that the patient should be encouraged and educated to find her own path through her life and health challenges. By helping her see where her challenges are and providing options to work on them, she can engage in her healing path and move forward towards greater health. In this process I use western lab tests and imaging exams that are appropriate and desired. I also employ assessments drawn for the traditions of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. My goal is to inform her of the many choices available to her to find health and balance.

While I look at the whole of the woman, the focus of my care is on gynecological health. I am not a replacement for an internist or family practitioner.

My initial training was in western medicine and my practice, which began in 1987, has grown to include herbal, nutritional and lifestyle approaches. I can write prescriptions, when indicated and desired, create herbal formulas for a women’s specific needs and address what dietary and lifestyle changes might move her to positive change. In the end it is the patient who decides what path to follow and in this choice I support her and customize care in the way that makes sense for her.

It is your health that we (you and I) are caring for, so you need to know enough to figure out how to care for yourself. Achieving optimal health and wellbeing is not something that is done to you, but done with you, and ultimately, you do it for yourself.