Health Counseling

What is Health Counseling?

Health counseling can be useful for most of us, at some point in our lives. While many of us know exactly what we should be doing in terms of achieving optimal health—somehow we just can’t seem to act on that knowledge. Counseling helps you find the motivation and structure to act on that understanding.

Many others have no idea where to begin to bring themselves to a healthier more vibrant life.  I help you explore what your vision of your future could look like and together we find a path towards getting there.

In a holistic conception of healthcare, one needs to look at the mind, body and spirit–we are the sum total of these aspects. When there is not balance between them, you are not being all that you can in health and joyfulness. No matter where you begin, together we create and work through a plan to turn your health and life around. The final goal is your independence in leading your life in a satisfying healthier and more joyful way.

Is this for you?

I can work with you with any health related problem that you need support in with. Sometimes the goal is fully resolving the concern, sometimes the goal is living optimally with an issue that is not going away.

Some problems that can be addressed are:

  • weight issues
  • improving cardio-vascular health
  • smoking cessation
  • Diabetes
  • Auto immune disease
  • Cancer
  • General nutritional challenges

You may be seeking a consult on a medical issue that you have. Often other providers do not give an adequate explanation of a diagnosis. They may not have time or inclination to do so. If it is a woman’s health issue, I am happy to help you understand your situation. This can often be done in a single session, please contact me and this can be scheduled.

Clearly any challenge that is bothering you can be worked on and brought to a better place with understanding and focus.

How this works for you

Each of you is a unique soul.

We come together and explore your concerns, your choices, your desired outcomes.

Looking at how you have lived your life, together we understand how you have successfully make changes in the past.

Then we make a plan and work it through. Along the way we look at your progress and your challenges, then keep on moving.

A great truism is “If you don’t know where you are going, you are not likely to get there”

What areas of change am I looking at?


Nutrition is a key to optimal health. What we eat deeply influences not only weight management, it also impacts auto immune disorders, metabolic issues,endocrine issues and cancer. We will look at different food based approaches to health attainment. Together we will find the healthiest diet for your specific needs and preferences.

Body work and exercise recommendations may be included to help you reach your goals.

At times I recommend supplements and herbal products for health support. However, I believe mostly in food as the best medicine. However, sometimes that is not enough when there is imbalance.


An exploration of ow you are feeling and what emotional challenges are standing in the way of your moving forward. Working together to find a path through these narrow places is an important part of my work.


I deeply believe that we are beings who need and thrive when connected to a greater whole. In this sense of connection we find support, meaning and clarity. This connection can be directly through nature, or any of the organized religions or individual spiritual paths that exist. Even Secular Humanists, I would say maintain an intellectual connections between humans that support their spirits.

We are however often separated from these connections which can lead to many types of personal distress. If this is part of your story we will explore how you want to move towards balance in this area.

Together we create, revise and develop your plan as you become more and more able to experience greater health and wellness. How deeply we focus on any one area is dependent on your specific desires and needs.

Sometimes the work is long and deep, and sometimes it is very clear and focused and straightforward. We all have different needs.

How to begin

Initially I ask you contract for 3 sessions.

First we will together identify the specific health challenges that you want to work on. Looking at your personal issues, lifestyle preferences and health conditions, I help you to create a plan to help you move forward.

Then through,on-going exploration, education and motivational support I help you stay the course. We discuss life issues and challenges that are blocking you and look at how you can see these in new ways that support rather than sabotage you.

To schedule your initial sessions please email me by using the contact me page on this website. I generally respond to emails during regular business hours.

All sessions are 50 minutes in length they can be in person at my office or on line via Zoom. Please note insurance does not cover this care. The cost is $100 cash/check $105 credit cards.

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