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Women’s Health

Cervical Cancer screening and HPV

An abnormal pap test
What is colposcopy
HPV dietary prevention and treatment(CIN 1)
HPV Folic Acid
What is HPV?
HPV and Genital Warts
HPV Folic Acid
HPV: nutrient effects

Vaginal Health

Bacterial Vaginosis
Taking Care of Your VaginaHPV: nutrient effects

Breast Health

Mammography Screening Recommendation
USPSTF Recommendations Details
Breast Cancer Rates Drop
Breast Cancer Screening

Bone Health


Hormone replacement (see below)

Hormone Replacement Issues
Estrogen, Cancer and Heart Disease


Vulvodynia Report
Libido issues
Information and thoughts about sexuality for the younger woman

Sexual Abuse/Assault

If you have been a recent victim of a sexual assault, in Charlottesville, and you want to report the crime to the police. You need to go to the University of Virginia Medical Center Emergency Department. DO NOT change your clothes or shower before you go. If it is already past that time, you can still report the crime to the police, but the lack of physical evidence makes prosecution more challenging—but not impossible.

Local resources include:

Sexual Assault Resource Agency

Shelter for Help in Emergency
Provides short term safe housing for women and their children fleeing an abusive partner. Very informative and helpful website.

General Health

10 thoughts on healthier living. By Claudia Sencer
as seen in C’ville Weekly Magazine
Exercise and it’s effects on weight
Exercise: stretching or not
Exercise and Brain Effects

Thyroid health

Testosterone and fatherhood
A Sharper Mind
Cancer: A New View
Statins and Muscle Fatigue
Statins and Diabetes
The Brain on Love

Exercise and the Brain
More Care—More Mistakes

Nutrition and Food Safety

Arsenic in Chicken

BPA questions
BPA Concerns
BPA Research
Coffee Health

No Calcium Supplements

Calcium and Heart Attack
Calcium in Foods

Chocolate’s Benefits

11 Best foods from the New York Times
Sugar toxic?
Supplements and diabetes prevention

Vitamin D
Vitamin D Facts
Vitamin D2 Versus D3
Vitamin D and Cancer

Salt: Good or Bad
Green, Healthy and Safe Product Rating and Reviews
EWG’s 2012 Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce
Why eat fat?

General Interest

Wall street vs. Main street
Learning better
Education sucess