About Claudia


Hello. I am a Nurse Practitioner/Midwife in practice since 1987 when I finished my Masters Degree at Georgetown University. My interest in Women’s Healthcare dates back to my college years—I graduated Hamilton College in 1979 with a BA in Film and Photography. When there I started The Women’s Resource Center creating a clearinghouse of local healthcare options and encouraging health education and self understanding. When I returned to school, obtaining my BS in Nursing from New York University, I volunteered at the Chelsea Women’s Health Collective where I was a “Lay cap fitter” (really). That was my first clinical position. We were an FDA clinical site for the original cervical cap research. Lots of water under the bridge since then.

I came to Charlottesville in 1985 but left for graduate school returning in 1989. I began my local practice of gynecology and birth care in 1990. At that time I introduced Midwifery care to Martha Jefferson Hospital. I attended births there until 2006 when I ended that aspect of my practice. Sorry, I no longer provide pregnancy or birth care. While I have work part time for a few years at the local Health Department in the Family Planning and Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinics, I have mostly been in private practice. I have worked in two physician owned practices most recently with Dr. Siva Thiagarajah, who remains my collaborative physician. In 2001 I started my own practice, WomanCare.

My practice is unusual. It’s in my house. I really like it. There was a time when I was in my office and also working in other more traditional “medical” settings. I found when I was in my office I slowed down. I took more time. Asked more open ended questions. I listened better. I set my own schedule and I gave myself the time I wanted in order to actually care for my patients. The end results was more satisfaction both for my patients and for me. Caring for people is a very rewarding experience. I can’t tell you how often I hear from my patients some variation of: “ I so look forward to my annual exam, my friends don’t believe it when I tell them”. Then their friends come and see. It is a win win.

I don’t think what I do is exceptional. I do think that it is a form of practice that unfortunately is less and less available.

Originally from New York City, I have now been in Charlottesville many years longer than the city of my birth. No doubt however, I am a New Yorker, but a lot softer one than in the years before. I share my home with my husband, Mark Farrington, he is a Clinical Nurse Specialist working for the Veterans Administration in a chronic pain clinic. We have four children between us and two very lovely grand daughters.